Single Lens Reflex

Pentax K1000 with 50mm F2 #7055

Condition 96%. Superb example of this classic manual workhorse SLR from Pentax. Very light signs of use only. Clean optics to Pentax SMC 50mm F2...... more info

Praktiflex FX 35mm SLR with Tessar 50mm F3.5 Boxed #6361

Condition 95%. Superb example. Fitted with Tessar 50mm F2.8. Full working order. Very pretty camera. Boxed.... more info

Wrayflex 1 with 50mm, 90mm and 135mm Lenses #6952

Condition 96%. Clean example of the rare Wrayflex 1 35mm British made SLR. Clean chrome and leather. Viewfinder has some edge worming on the mirror...... more info

Zeiss Icarex 35 SLR with 50mm F2.8 Tessar #7049

Condition 96%. Lovely example with 50mm F2.8 Tessar lens. Light signs of use only. Small mark in centre bottom of viewfinder that does not impede...... more info

Zenith-3M 39mm Screw Mount SLR #6395

Condition 96%. Superb example. Correct 50mm F3.5 39mm screw mount lens. Clean optics. Viewfinder clear with just a few specs of dirt and a faint...... more info