Lenses & Accessories

Pentax 35-70mm F4 Constant Aperture Zoom PKM #7301

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this useful constant aperture standard zoom from Pentax for PKM mount 35mm cameras. Clean optics....... more info

Pentax 50mm F1.4 SMC Pentax-M PKM #7432

Condition 96%. Superb example of this classic fast standard lens from Pentax for PKA mount 35mm cameras. Clean optics Light use only...... more info

Pentax 70mm F2.8 for 110, Mint in Keeper #7381K

Condition 98%. Superb, mint example of this wonderful fast telephoto from Pentax for their 110 SLR range. Clean optics & barrel. Smooth...... more info

Pentax PKM Extension Tube Set, Mint & Boxed #7369

Condition 99%. Superb, mint set of extension tubes from Pentax for PKM mount 35mm cameras. Stunning!... more info

Pentax PKM Mount Vivitar 90mm F2.8 1:1 Macro Mint & Boxed #7365

Condition 98%. Superb example of this wonderful quality 1:1 macro from Vivitar (Komine) for Pentax PKM mount SLR's. Clean optics and barrel....... more info

Pentax SMC 135mm F3.5 Pentax-M PKM #7231

Condition 98%. Mint example of this classic short telephoto/portrait lens from Pentax for PK mount 35mm cameras. Clean optics....... more info

Pentax-FA 50mm F1.4 SMC Autofocus #7433

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint example of this classic fast standard lens from Pentax for PKM PKA and PK Autofocus mount 35mm cameras....... more info

Pentax-M 135mm F3.5 SMC PKM Mount + Filter #7544

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint example of this wonderful 135mm F3.5 telephoto lens in PKM bayonet mount from Pentax. This lens...... more info

Rodenstock Rodagon 60mm F4 Enlarging Lens for Macro #7527

Condition 97%. Superb example of this wonderful enlarging lens from Rodenstock for Macro in 39mm mount.  Clean optics &...... more info

Rodentsock Rodagon 210mm F5.6 in Compur Electronic 3, Mint #7564

Condition 99%. Superb, mint example of this fabulous lens from Rodenstock to cover up to 5 x 7. Offered in sparkly clean, as new condition in...... more info