Watameter Rangefinder, mint- Cased #9733

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this useful rangefinder from Wata. Fits on flash shoe and allows accurate distance readings in feet. Features...... more info

Wray Antique Brass 8 inch F8 Lens #9614

Condition 96%. Beautiful brass lens from Wray. Features built in hood, appx 45mm mount thread, F stops from F8-F64. Very clean optics and...... more info

Yashica Bayonet 1 Lens Hood for 124G, etc #9792

Condition 97%. Mint- & cased example to fit Yashicamat series TLR cameras.... more info

Yashica YEM35 Flash Shoe Mount CDS Lightmeter #9085

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this superb meter from Yashica. Takes PX625 battery, readily available and new one supplied. Full working...... more info

Yashica/Contax Extension Tube Set F, Mint & Boxed #8704

Condition 99%. Mint & boxed set of extension tubes from Yashica for Yashica and Contax mount 35mm SLR cameras. Appear to be unused....... more info

Zeiss Ikon Torpedo Finder 438 for 85 & 135mm #8633

Condition 95%. Very good condition Zeiss 438 Torpedo finder for 85mm and 135mm lenses. Light use in the way of minor rubbing to black enamel. Clean...... more info