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Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Coupe 1986 in Iris Blue


Iíve owned this car for over three years and it has been my daily driver for most of that time. The bodywork is in excellent condition, having benefitted from a full renovation in 2011 with the kidney bowls and inner wings attended to.

It can be a difficult choice when buying a Carrera 3.2: whether to go for a more expensive low mileage example, that will likely need a rebuild around the 120k mark, or to opt for a higher mileage car that has already had a rebuild completed at somebody elseís expense (an average price for a full rebuild is around £10k). It perhaps boils down to whether you are looking for a collectible example or one you can enjoy as a weekend or even daily driver. I wanted a driver. The mileage on this is 156k miles, but the engine and gearbox were rebuilt at 122k miles, and have been maintained in peak condition since.

The 915 gearbox has a factory short-shifter, and has been fettled to operate exactly as it was designed. The 915 is an often misunderstood box; it was designed as a racing transmission; first and second are intended to get you to third, not to 100mph. Treat them well, fill them with the right oil (this has Motul Motyl Gear 75W-90) and you will be rewarded with smooth changes and an involving drive.

The Porsche has a Steve Wong chip fitted to the ECU, which overcomes the often bemoaned lazy feel of a 3.2 compared to the SC, bringing the power-band down the rev range. This makes for an extremely quick and nimble car, without sacrificing any of the legendary torque.

Other recent work includes new heat exchangers and manifold studs, new clutch, new fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator, new stainless steel exhaust, new idle control valve, new spark plugs, ignition leads and injectors, new window and electric mirror loom and switches, new fresh air blower and ducts, new main headlamp switch, new heat exchange flaps and centre console heater control.

The car has also recently had new brakes discs and calipers, wheel bearings, and Toyo Proxes tyres all round.

The interior is finished in metropole blue leather and pinstripe fabric, which is in excellent condition, and has been treated to a retro Blaupunkt six-speaker radio and CD player with Bluetooth connectivity, at a cost of over £500.

This is one of the best-sorted Carrera 3.2s available, with bills from the last three years totalling £14,000.

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