Antique & Scientific

Ambrotype 6th Plate Antique Portrait c.1880`s in Case #7360

Condition 96%. Beautiful ambrotype image from c.1880`s depicting a serene young woman. Presented in original leather, velvet and gilt case,...... more info

Ambrotype 9th Plate Antique Portrait c.1880`s in Case #7359

Condition 96%. Beautiful little ambrotype image from c.1880`s depicting an adolescent girl/young woman. Presented in original leather, velvet...... more info

Daguerreotype Tinted Quarter Plate Portrait c.1845 in Case #7391

Condition 96%. Beautiful, bright quarter plate daguerreotype portrait of two middle-aged professional men c1845. Presented in original...... more info

Leitz Leica Twin Turret Antique Microscope Outfit #6824

Condition 95%. Beautiful antique twin-turret microscope from Leitz. Outfit comprises lenses, eyepieces, optical micrometer, glass slides, etc, all...... more info

Shew Day-Xit with Aldis Lens in Compound Shutter #6705

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this rarer model from London maker, Shew. Fitted with helical focusing Aldis lens in Compound shutter. Comes with...... more info

USSR KOMZ 6nu 4 x 20 High Quality Sports Binoculars #7352

Condition 97%. Stunning quality 4 x 20 sports binoculars from USSR. Clean optics and barrels. Remarkably bright and sharp, as good as anything...... more info

Zeiss 1Va Triple Turret Antique Microscope Outfit c1895 #6825

Condition 95%. Beautiful antique triple-turret Zeiss 1Va Continental model microscope from Zeiss c1895. Outfit comprises lenses, eyepieces,...... more info