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Bronica EC, S, S2, S2a 5cm F3.5 Nikkor-H Wide Angle #8741

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this quality wide angle from Nikon for Bronica S, S2, EC series cameras. Light use only to aperture barrel....... more info

Meyer Gorlitz Robot Primotar 3cm F3.5 Wide Angle #8808

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this rare lens from Meyer to fit Robot. Clean optics, no fungus or haze. Clean barrel. Smooth focus and...... more info

Zeiss 50mm F1.4 Planar MMJ, Contax/Yashica, Mint & Boxed #9106

Condition 98%. Superb, mint example of this incredible lens from Zeiss to fit Contax and Yashica SLR's. Lens is clean and clear, with smooth...... more info

Vostok Amphibian, Soviet Era Military Mechanical Watch #8350

Condition 96%. Beautiful Soviet era military Vostok Amphibian mechanical watch with rotating bezel and screw down crown. These are very nice...... more info

Slava, Soviet Era Automatic Day/Date Watch #8351

Condition 96%. Beautiful Soviet Era Slava automatic day/date watch. These are very nice quality watches, and on the rise in terms of...... more info

Topcon IC-1 Auto 35mm SLR with Hi Topcor 55mm F1.8 #9038

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this rare black IC-1 Auto, metered 35mm SLR from Topcon. Shutter priority and manual metering...... more info

Rodenstock Rodagon 60mm F4 Enlarging Lens for Macro #7527

Condition 97%. Superb example of this wonderful enlarging lens from Rodenstock for Macro in 39mm mount.  Clean optics &...... more info

Sekonic DigitalMaster 758D Digital Spot-Lightmeter, Mint #9176

Condition 98%. Superb, mint example of this absolute boss of a lightmeter from Sekonic. Featuring spot, reflected and indidental functions, with...... more info

Yashica Bayonet 1 Lens Hood for 124G, etc #9175

Condition 99%. Mint & cased example to fit Yashicamat series TLR cameras.... more info

Minox 16mm Leica 111F Miniature, Chrome, Mint & Boxed #9174

Condition 99%. Superb, mint example of this beautiful little special edition 16mm Leica copy from Minox. Offered in perfect working order with box,...... more info

Exakta Pocket 110EF Subminiature Camera, Mint & Boxed #9173

Condition 99%. Superb example of this lovely little 110 from Exakta. Very simple operation with built-in flash. Appears unused. Full...... more info

Ambrotype 6th Plate Antique Portrait c.1870`s in Case #9170

Condition 95%. Beautiful image from c.1870`s depicting a ridiculously tough-looking geezer. Presented in original leather and gilt case (has...... more info