35mm & Half Frame

Braun Super Paxette 1L #6859

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example. Fitted with 50mm F2.8 Plastogon lens. Clean optics and full working order.... more info

Braun Super Paxette with Xenar 50mm F2.8 #7826 RESERVED

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this beautiful 35mm coupled rangefinder from Braun. Featuring a coupled rangefinder and interchangeable lens...... more info

Diax 11b CRF with 50mm F2 Xenon #7452

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this wonderful coupled rangefinder from Diax. Features twin viewfinders for 50mm and 85/90mm. Comes with the rare...... more info

Fujifilm Zoom Date F2.8 24-50mm Compact Point & Shoot #7626

Condition 98%. Mint example of this incredible 35mm compact from Fuji. Featuring a Fujinon Super EBC 24-50mm F2.8 lens and a host of features,...... more info

Leica German Naval Military Copy by Zorki #7787

Condition 98%. Mint example of this ... hmm ... well, it's a Russian Zorki dressed up ... no, not dressed up, totally and beautifully pimped...... more info

Minolta Autowide 35mm Wide Angle Camera #6881

Condition 96%. Superb example of this rare and important camera from Minolta. Produced in 1957 it was only the second camera to feature integral...... more info

Minox 35 GT, Mint- & Boxed #7769

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this wonderful 35mm point & shoot from Minox. Features aperture priority, self-timer and backlight...... more info

Olympus PM-6 Microscope Camera #7789

Condition 97%. Lovely example of this interesting microscope camera from Olympus. Some signs of storage, but looks unused. Full working order....... more info

Penta Penti Half Frame

Condition 96%. Beautiful gold and black enamel 35mm half frame camera. Classic design and engineering. Clean optics. Full working order.... more info

Ricoh Auto 126 Clockwork Camera #6895

Condition 97%. Superb example with no obvious signs of use. Cased and in good working order, with auto function operating correctly. Battery for...... more info