Folding Cameras

Ensign Folding 3 & 1/4 Inch RollFilm/Plate Camera #7896 RESERVED

Condition 97%. Excellent example of this rarer model from Ensign/Houghton Butcher. Fitted with Zeiss Tessar 13.5cm F6.3 lens in Compur shutter, with...... more info

Ensign Selfix 820 6x9cm Camera #7895

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this classic British folder for 6x9cm on 120 film. Equipped with the legendary Ross Xpres 105mm F3.8 lens in...... more info

Ernemann Heag 9x12cm Plate Camera with Fast 15cm F3.5 Lens #7898

Condition 97%. Superb example of this 9x12cm Heag model from Ernamann. I am not sure which model it is exactly as Ernemann made about...... more info

Rheinmetal Weltax 6x6cm, Tessar 75mm F3.5 Lens #7622

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this Rheinmetal made Weltax. Fitted with Zeiss Tessar 75mm F3.5 lens in Tempor shutter. Clean optics...... more info

Royer Teleroy 6x9cm Rangefinder with Angenieux 100mm #7278

Condition 96%. Superb example of this rare coupled rangefinder from French company Royer. Fitted with the legendary 100mm F3.5 Type X1...... more info

Shew Day-Xit with Aldis Lens in Compound Shutter #6705

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this rarer model from London maker, Shew. Fitted with helical focusing Aldis lens in Compound shutter. Comes with...... more info

Showa Semi Leotax 6x4.5cm Folding Camera #7617

Condition 96%. Superb example of this scarce folding camera from Japanese manafacturer, Showa, for 6x4.5cm on 120 film. Clean coated 7.5cm...... more info

Zeiss Super-Ikonta 530 6x4.5cm Rangefinder #7683

Condition 96%. Lovely example of this classic pre-war 6x4.5cm rangefinder from Zeiss. Clean optics. Excellent shutter. Clear viewfinder. Easy...... more info