Leica & Rangefinder

Canon VT with Russian 35mm F2.8 Jupiter-12 #8237

Condition 95%. excellent example of this lovely rangefinder from Canon. Features a quick film advance on the base plate and variable focal length...... more info

Contax 11a with 5cm F2 Sonnar #7241

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this post war model from Zeiss. Good optics to 5cm F2 Sonnar, light cleaning marks only. Clear rangefinder...... more info

Ducati Sogno 35mm Coupled Rangefinder #6888

Condition 96%. Very rare and beautiful 35mm half frame coupled rangefinder with interchangeable lens mount. Actually made by the Italian...... more info

Kiev-4 35mm Coupled Range Finder #7341

Condition 96%. Lovely example. Clean chrome and leatherette. Clean 50mm F2 Jupiter-8M coated lens. Excellent rangefinder. Full working order.... more info

Leica 111F with 5cm F2.8 Elmar #6961

Condition 95%. Body Number #502557 c1950. Lens #1635977 c1958. Clean example of a post-war 111C factory upgraded to a 111F. Good...... more info

Leica 111G with 5cm F2.8 Elmar #7320

Condition 96%. Body Number #848648. Lens #1551690. Clean example of the last of the screw thread Leicas. Good speeds. Clear rangefinder and...... more info

Leica 1a c1930 #6920

Condition 90%. Serial Number: 44157. Well used example of the Leica 1a dating to 1930. A fair amount of brassing, but a good honest camera in good...... more info

Leica C3 Compact Zoom Vario-Elmar Boxed with Gift Set #7142

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this classic compact zoom from Leica. Supplied with leather and soft plastic cases, original battery,...... more info

Leica L39 Mikas Microscope Adapter in Box #6797

Condition 95%. Excellent complete example of this useful microscope adapter for L39 cameras. Full working order with clean optics and working shutter.... more info

Leica R Mount Nikon 35mm F3.5 PC-Nikkor Shift Lens #7204

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this classic shift lens from Nikon. So rare to find it in Leica Reflex mount. Clean optics. Barrel shows only...... more info