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7Artisans 35mm F2, Leica M Mount, 6 Bit, Mint & Boxed #8468

Condition 99%. Superb, mint example of this Summicron alternative from 7Artisans. This is a 6 bit coded lens so will work on all Leica...... more info

Chiyoko (Minolta) Super-Rokkor 45mm F2.8 L39 #8703 RESERVED

Condition 96%. Lovely example of this wonderful quality lens for Leica from Minolta. Clean glass with no fungus, haze or scratches....... more info

Jupiter-12 35mm F2.8 (Biogon) Lens in Contax/Kiev Mount #8664

Condition 97%. Superb example of this wonderful wide angle lens from the former USSR in Contax/Kiev coupled rangefinder mount. This is...... more info

Leica 13.5cm F4.5 Hektor M Mount Lens #7829

Condition 96%. Superb, clean example of this classic telephoto lens from Leica in M mount. This is a coated optic with...... more info

Leica 9cm F2 Summicron M c.1959 #8087

Condition 98%. Beautiful example of this first version 9cm F2 lens from Leica in M mount, dating to 1959. The barrel is exceptionally clean,...... more info

Leica L39 LOMO-Zenit New Jupiter-3 50mm F1.5 NEW OLD STOCK #8591

Condition 99%. Superb, mint example of this reworking of the Jupiter-3, Soviet Sonnar copy. This is a very rare and interesting lens, as...... more info

Leica L39 LOMO-Zenit New Russar 20mm F5.6 NEW OLD STOCK #8592

Condition 99%. Superb, mint example of this reworking of the Russar 20mm F5.6 Super-Wide. This is definitely in keeping with the...... more info

Leica R Mount Nikon 35mm F3.5 PC-Nikkor Shift Lens #7204

Condition 95%. Excellent example of this classic shift lens from Nikon. So rare to find it in Leica Reflex mount. Clean optics. Barrel shows only...... more info

Leica Telyt 280mm F4.8, Boxed #8394

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this classic 280mm telephoto lens from Leica for use with reflex housings. Clean optics. One or two...... more info

Leica Vario-Elmar-R 28-70mm F3.5 E60, 3 Cam Mint in Keeper #8607

Condition 98%. Superb, mint example of this beautiful wide angle zoom from Leica in 3 cam R mount. Offered with sparkly clean optics,...... more info

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