Leica & Leica Copy

Canon 11F Rangefinder with 50mm F1.8, c.1953 #8812 RESERVED

Condition 96%. Superb example of this beautiful rangefinder from Canon c.1953. The 11F features an integrated viewfinder/rangefinder with 1x and...... more info

Canon Series V11 Drop-In Filter Set, Cased #8169

Condition 97%. Beautiful set of filters for Canon Rangefinder. Set comprises: Light Yellow, Medium Yellow, Green, Orange and Red, in set of colour...... more info

Leica 11 Black with Early Nickel Elmar #8569

Condition 96%. Serial Number: 92828 c.1932. Lens serial number: 98588 c.1930/31. Beautiful Leica 11 combination. This is as good a black...... more info

Leica 11 with 5cm F2 Elmar, Matching Set #8479

Condition 96%. Body serial number: 294699 c.1938. Lens Serial Number: 434695 c.1938. Lovely matching set, bought together in 1938 and kept together....... more info

Leica 111b with 5cm F3.5 Elmar #8476

Condition 97%. Body Number: 350972 c1940. Lens number: 501917 c1939. Beautiful example. No obvious dents or dings. Light marks here and...... more info

Leica 111C - 111F DA with 5cm F2 Summitar #8477

Condition 96%. Body Number: 471379 c1949. Lens number: 901676 c1951. Excellent example of this factory conversion of a 111C to a 111F...... more info

Leica 11c with 5cm F3.5 Elmar, Matching Set #8480

Condition 97%. Body Number: 447229 c1951. Lens serial number: 897473 c.1951. Superb matching combination, only very light signs of use in the...... more info

Leica 1a Black with Fixed Nickel Elmar c.1929 #8589

Condition 94%. Serial Number: 15510 c.1929. Beautiful Leica 1a in very good condition, with just the right amount of wear and patina to...... more info

Leica 1F RD with 5cm F3.5 Red Scale Elmar, Matching Set #8570

Condition 97%. Body Number: 760546 c1955. Lens serial number: 1244008 c.1955. Superb matching combination. Very clean body, with just...... more info

Leica Bellows 16556P & 16557Q #8395

Condition 97%. Excellent, near mint example of these superb bellows for Leica. Comes with L39 lens adaptor and M body mount. Clean bellows. Full...... more info