Canon Ixus APS Gold Limited Edition, Mint-, Boxed #7710

Condition 97%. Mint- example of this jewel of a camera from Canon. Featuring a Canon 24-48mm lens, flash menu, AF focus, Date imprinting,...... more info

Fujifilm Zoom Date F2.8 24-50mm Compact Point & Shoot #7626

Condition 98%. Mint example of this incredible 35mm compact from Fuji. Featuring a Fujinon Super EBC 24-50mm F2.8 lens and a host of features,...... more info

Rolleiflex Baby Grey 4x4cm TLR with Xenar, Cased #7805

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this classic 4x4cm TLR from Rolleiflex. Takes 127 film which is readly available. Offered in full working order....... more info