Canon Ixus APS Gold Limited Edition, Mint-, Boxed #7710

Condition 97%. Mint- example of this jewel of a camera from Canon. Featuring a Canon 24-48mm lens, flash menu, AF focus, Date imprinting,...... more info

Rolleiflex Leather Meter Protector #8195

Condition 96%. Lovely original leather meter cover from Rolleiflex to attach to case and protect the vulnerable perpex meter bubble. Superb...... more info

Rolleiflex Old Standard, c1932 TLR Outfit #8516

Condition 96%. Lovely example of this classic original Rolleiflex Old Standard, c.1932. These usually show up in poor condition, sometimes in...... more info

Rolleiflex SL35E with 35mm F2.8 Distagon #8521

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this wonderful manual metered SLR from Rolleiflex. Speeds run from 16 seconds through to 1/1000th....... more info