Mamiya C3, C220, C330 3.5x, 6x Magnifying Chimney Hood #7712

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this dual power magnifying chimney hood from Mamiya to fit their C220/330 series of cameras....... more info

Mamiya C330 180mm F4.5 Super Telephoto Lens #7699

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this classic telephoto lens from Mamiya to fit C330/220 series cameras. Clean optics and...... more info

Mamiya Sekor C M645 210mm F4 Telephoto Lens #7346

Condition 96%. Superb example of this quality telephoto from Mamiya to fit their 645 series of cameras. Clean optics and barrel....... more info

Nikon Porroflex Prism Finder for Mamiya C220/330 TLR #7308

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint example of this useful 45 degree finder for Mamiya C220/330 series TLR cameras. Clean optics, leather and...... more info

Voigtlander Bessa-R Black Body, Mint - #7763

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this wonderful L39 mount rangefinder from Voigtlander. The Bessa-R is a Leica L39 mount 35mm body...... more info