Leica 11 Black with Early Nickel Elmar #8569

Condition 96%. Serial Number: 92828 c.1932. Lens serial number: 98588 c.1930/31. Beautiful Leica 11 combination. This is as good a black...... more info

Leica 11 with 5cm F2 Elmar, Matching Set #8479

Condition 96%. Body serial number: 294699 c.1938. Lens Serial Number: 434695 c.1938. Lovely matching set, bought together in 1938 and kept together....... more info

Leica 111 with 5cm F3.5 Elmar #8166

Condition 95%. Body serial Number: 132981, c.1934. Lens serial number: 475356. Nice combination of the classic Leica 111 rangefinder and...... more info

Leica 111b with 5cm F3.5 Elmar #8476

Condition 97%. Body Number: 350972 c1940. Lens number: 501917 c1939. Beautiful example. No obvious dents or dings. Light marks here and...... more info

Leica 111C - 111F DA with 5cm F2 Summitar #8477

Condition 96%. Body Number: 471379 c1949. Lens number: 901676 c1951. Excellent example of this factory conversion of a 111C to a 111F...... more info

Leica 11c with 5cm F3.5 Elmar, Matching Set #8480

Condition 97%. Body Number: 447229 c1951. Lens serial number: 897473 c.1951. Superb matching combination, only very light signs of use in the...... more info

Leica 13.5cm F4.5 Hektor M Mount Lens #7829

Condition 96%. Superb, clean example of this classic telephoto lens from Leica in M mount. This is a coated optic with...... more info

Leica 1F RD with 5cm F3.5 Red Scale Elmar, Matching Set #8570

Condition 97%. Body Number: 760546 c1955. Lens serial number: 1244008 c.1955. Superb matching combination. Very clean body, with just...... more info

Leica 5cm F2.8 Elmar L39 c.1958 Standard Lens #8343

Condition 97%. Superb example of this classic, late, collapsible standard lens from Leica in L39 screw mount. This Elmar, serial number: 1551728...... more info

Leica 9cm F2 Summicron M c.1959 #8087

Condition 98%. Beautiful example of this first version 9cm F2 lens from Leica in M mount, dating to 1959. The barrel is exceptionally clean,...... more info