Canon 50mm F1.8 Lens in L39 #9653

Condition 95%. Very good example of this fast aperture 50mm F1.8 standard lens in L39 mount from Canon. Focus is...... more info

Kyoei Optical Super-Acall 135mm F3.5 L39 Mount Lens #9443

Condition 95%. Nice clean example of this sharp telephoto lens from Japan in Leica L39 rangefinder mount. Glass is very clean...... more info

Leica 1 (Factory Upgrade to 11) with 5cm F2 Nickel Elmar #9527

Condition 95%. Body serial number: 28054 c.1930. Lovely condition nickel and black enamel Leica 1 camera with a factory upgrade to...... more info

Leica 111 with 5cm F2 Nickel Elmar #9618

Condition 96%. Body serial number: 149798 c.1935. Lens Serial Number: 126414 c.1931. Incredible condition nickel & black...... more info

Leica 111a with 50mm F2 Elmar #9536

Condition 95%. Body Number: 167232 c1935. Lens serial number: 832199 c.1950. Nice user grade combination. Generally good body, used...... more info

Leica 13.5cm F4.5 Hektor M Mount Lens #9366

Condition 96%. Superb, clean example of this classic telephoto lens from Leica in M mount. This is a coated optic with...... more info

Leica 1a c.1930 #9031

Condition 93%. Body Number: 29492 c1930. Well used but still beautiful Leica 1a 35mm from 1930. Lots of brassing and marks to the body but most...... more info

Leica 35mm F2.4 Aspherical Summarit-M 6-Bit #9476

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this fabulous 6-Bit wide angle lens from Leica in M mount. The barrel is very clean with one or two...... more info

Leica 35mm F3.5 Summaron L39, Mint- #9043

Condition 97%. Superb, mint- example of this wonderful 35mm F3.5 in L39 mount. Focus is light and aperture is smooth with clean...... more info

Leica 50mm (5cm) F2 Summitar, L39 Mount Lens #9164

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint example of this fast aperture 5cm (50mm) F2 standard lens in L39 mount. Focus is light and...... more info