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Kaligar 52mm F3.5 Wide Angle for Kalimar Six-Sixty #9063

Condition 98%. Superb, mint example of this Kaligar 52mm F3.5 wide angle for Kalimar Six Sixty.  Clean optics. Smooth focus and...... more info

Kalimar Six Sixty 6x6cm TLR #9062

Condition 97%. Exceptional, mint- example of this rare medium format SLR camera for 6 x 6cm exposures on 120 film stock from Fujita and branded...... more info

Leica L39 Mikas Microscope Adapter in Box #9061

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint, complete example of this useful microscope adapter for L39 cameras. Full working order with clean optics and...... more info

Daguerreotype 1/9th Plate Portrait c.1845 in Frame #9060

Condition 95%. Beautiful, bright 1/9th plate tinted daguerreotype portrait of a young professional man c1845. Presented bergundy leather...... more info

Minox 35 Series Lens Hood & UV filter #9059

Condition 97%. Superb example of this hood from Minox to fit their 35 series cameras. Cased.... more info

Kodak Lens Hood for Retina 111S/Reflex S, 35 & 50mm #9058

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this hood from Kodak to fit Retina 111S and Reflerx S 35 and 50mm lenses. Light...... more info

Leica FOOKH 3.5cm Lens Hood #9056

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this scarce hood from leica to fit 3.5cm F3.5 Elmar and Summaron L39 lenses. Light use only.  ... more info

Rolleiflex Bayonet 111 Lens Caps #9055

Condition 96%. Superb example of these beautiful chrome and black enamel caps from Rolleiflerx to fit their bayonet 111 TLR cameras. These fit...... more info

Taron Chic 35mm Half Frame, Working & Cased #9053

Condition 95%. Rare & beautiful vertical format 35mm half frame camera from Taron c.1961. Classic design and engineering. Clean optics....... more info

Kodak Retina-Tele-Arton 85mm F4 in Retina Reflex Mount #9042

Condition 97%. Superb, near mint example of this wonderful portriat lens from Kodak in Retina Reflex mount (also fits 111S). Superb opotics,...... more info

Tewe Multi Viewfinder 28-135mm #9051

Condition 96%. Excellent example of this useful 35-135mm viewfinder from Tewe that comes with the correct 28/30mm wide accessory lens. Clean...... more info

Leica Bakelite Case for 9cm Elmar #9047

Condition 96%. Superb example of this bakelite case from Leica for their Elmar 9cm. No damage. ... more info